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Kazzle is a game for everyone, from an early age to the oldest. The goal of the game is to build, by stacking the pieces one after the other, multiple castles all more surprising than the others. The child will discover several hundred different shapes and colorful paintings, where animals, princesses, knights, and many others will also appear.
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To Build

Room by room

In Kazzle, the pieces appear one by one on the edge of the screen. Just put your finger on it and slide it to the right place. For the little ones who take their first steps with a tablet, an easy mode makes it easy to validate a room in its location.
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Several steps to achieve

Each scene unfolds as the player advances in the construction of the castle. When all pieces of a chapter are laid, a new construction scheme appears.
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Completely realize the castle and the surrounding environment

Once all the pieces of a level and its chapters correctly placed, a small end credits reward the player who can then launch fireworks and burst all the balloons.
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How to unlock a level?

The success of a castle can unlock the next castle. All unlocked castles are replayable.


Where to play?

Kazzle is available on iOS 9 or higher, on iphone and ipad.[object Object]
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